Las Vegas - Rookie Inspiration

For our strong rookie season and a thorough understanding of the values of FIRST Robotics, both through engineering and community. 



Las Vegas - Judges Award 

Awarded due to our strong team community, student-build robot, and outreach efforts throughout the season. 

Las Vegas - Safety All Star

An individual, peer-nominated, award granted to founding member Alyssa Farrell for her safety efforts during competition. 



- Competitions canceled due to Corona Virus -

Las Vegas - Dean's List Finalist 

Worlds - Dean's List Winner

The highest award any individual student can be awarded for their dedication to FIRST Robotics, their leadership both in FIRST and community, and their academic achievement. This award was granted to founding member and team captain, Ashley Farrell. 


Off season

Fall Classic - Judges Award (2018)

Wings Over Camarillo - Blue Banner (2019)



Since our inception, Rogue Techs has made keeping every student and mentor on our team as safe as possible a top priority. When working with or around any piece of equipment in the shop, everyone is required to wear a pair of safety glasses, and other personal protection equipment custom to each division. In addition to this, no one person is ever allowed to work on their own. Once they have been properly instructed on how to use a piece of equipment, they must work with at least one partner, often a mentor or veteran student with prior experience. All of these practices are carefully guided and regulated by our team's dedicated safety captain and the effort of each team member.

This year we have made it a point to get every student, mentor, and many of our parents, CPR and first aid certified during our build season. This course was tailored to have a heavy focus on common shop injuries and practices, ensuring all members are educated in what steps to take in the case of emergency and how to respond. 

Safety All Star

In addition to the exceptional practices by every team member and mentor, there is one student on our team who has shown exceptional understanding of safety and emergency response, both in robotics and outside. Alyssa Farrell, one of Rogue Techs' founding members, has earned both the Girl Scout Medal of Honor, and Las Vegas Regional's Safety All Star award from 2019. 

She was awarded the Girl Scout Medal of Honor in 2018 for performing the heimlich maneuver on a choking friend during a church event, while her peers panicked during the situation. Her quick-thinking and demeanor saved this girl's life and made her one of 10 girls in Girls Scouts of Greater Los Angeles to receive this honor. 

The Safety All Star award is a peer-nominated award at competition that acknowledges students that show exceptional safety practices at competitions. Out of the hundreds of students attending this event, Alyssa was one of only a few chosen for this award. 

We are proud of Alyssa for her emergency response, composure, and fast-thinking, not just in one circumstance, but in every situation. 


Dean's List Winner


In 2020, one of Rogue Tech's founding members and team captain, Ashley Farrell, earned the Dean's List Winner award. She was one of 10 students selected for the season out of the approximately 3,000 nominated members. This award is based off of leadership both in FIRST Robotics and in the student's community, the student's academic achievement, as well as individual entrepreneurship and creativity. 

She was awarded this honor for a number of reasons. Ashley maintains a 4.0 weighted GPA (4.26 unweighted) while also attending almost every robotics meeting both during build season and during the off season. As one of the founding team members of Rogue Techs, she has worked hard to not only establish the team in her community and gain funding for this community-based team, but also as the head programmer and CADder of the team, understanding the in's and out's of the robot and its designs. 

Her passion for engineering began when she was only 4 years old and saw a video of Boston Dynamic's Big Dog during a family trip to the MIT Museum. Ever since that moment, she has been in love with robotics and engineering, and one day hopes to go to MIT and become a robotics engineer. Her love for her team and passion for robotics is what embodies the mission of FIRST as a whole. 

Winning the Dean's List is the highest award any individual student can achieve during their time as a student on a team, and for this we are proud of Ashley and her accomplishments, as she sets goals for her future and strives to achieve them.