What we do


Solidworks CAD Design

Students are taught how to use Solidworks, a program for computer aided design (CAD) to render their robot design in 3 dimensions. This program is an industry-standard for engineers and often used for companies on both large and small scales. 


Mechanical and Fabrication

Our students are taught how to use the tools and machinery that are common in the engineering world. In order to create their robot, students learn how to use power tools, such as drills and angle grinders; as well as larger machinery, such as a band saw, vertical mill, and CNC lathe.  


C++ Programming

Our robots use C++ to get directions and operate on the field. While FIRST supports coding in Java, Python, and LabView, our team is most experienced in C++. Students learn both basic operations as well as more advanced concepts of code manipulation. 



FRC robots are designed to follow specific schematics for electronic components and wiring. Students have the opportunity to learn how to read electronics documentation, maneuver components, and understand robot communication processes. 


Business and Marketing

In addition to robotics and engineering, our team teaches students business management skills for the future. Students are responsible for raising funds and keeping within their budget for each season. Further more, members organize and attend community events to spread the message of FIRST Robotics. They are also in charge of preparing for awards that are presented at competitions. 


So much more

FIRST Robotics teaches students invaluable information that they can take with them later in their lives. In addition to many of the hard skills and hands-on opportunities, FIRST also encourages teamwork, communication, and camaraderie. Our team, and the FRC community as a whole, supports and uplifts students from every walk of life.